It's that spooky scary time of year! Skeletons are in the shop windows and children are adorned with cheerful disguises as reminders of the dead and death itself, to which we all fall. And it's National Cat Day!

National Cat Day was created by Colleen Paige to encourage cat adoption. In that spirit (spooky!) let's take a look at a few cool cats who were lucky enough to find a home and assuage our biting awareness of our own inevitable doom!

1. Pumpkin Witch Kitty

What a cool cat! With a daring chapeau and a cape to match, that's a kitty who knows nothing of entropy and decay. But you do! You do.

2. Orange Warlock Grumpypuss


Uh oh, someone is a grumpy warlock! No doubt you would be too, if you realized the futility of existence and sought out a feline companion to dull the pain. Visit your local shelter today!

3. Pumpkin Spice Catte


Hey now, that's no gourd! That's a cat in a costume that resembles a pumpkin, which is traditionally carved in the guise of a decapitated human head for the entertainment of children. You know what else should be decapitated? Loneliness purrsonified, with the help of a cat!

4. The Littlest Necromancer


Wuh woh, here's a kitty so young that she has no understanding of the infinite scope of the universe and her owner's unimportance in it all. What a meow-tastic hat! Her owner spent hours working on it under the dim blue light of a silent insomniac morning; an escape from reality surely in vain. Looks gurrrr-reat on this pussycat!

5. Lobster? I Hardly Know 'er!


Wait a second... that's no lobster to be boiled alive for the sake of my own nourishment and enjoyment, that's a kitty in disguise! In many ways, the comfort of cats disguises our own anxieties by providing the illusion of love when they in fact have no concept of it. Much like this kitty has no concept of what a goofball he is!

Adopt today!

Images via the internet.