all cats all the time~
all cats all the time~

Listen Beyond the Cat

Bear with me for a second because I have something on my mind that is neither interesting nor funny nor cute. I’m particularly fascinated by the ambient sound of the Kago Neko Shiro videos. Just listen for a second:

The sounds of rural Japan. Birds, wind, crunching foliage from off-camera footsteps. Perhaps the soft drone is a road in the distance—it’s not that rural. The cats, the meows, their fidgeting claws against the basket twine.

I often post these videos for this reason. So much of the environment becomes lucid through auditory immersion rather than visual cues. Sound recording and mixing is very much an underappreciated art (though I don’t imagine there’s much thought put into it here beyond using an external mic of some sort.) But still!

That’s all. Thanks for listening.


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