It's that time of year again were holiday travels and long weekends begin to fill your calendars and you're debating on leaving your furry little friends at home. After attempting my usual bribing or guilting of friends and neighbors to take care of my 17 lb fur ball of love and joy, Blu (#BigBlu) and I began to think of alternative options in San Francisco. I mean, this city lives off alternative thinking.

Pet Camp, Cat Safari is like the bucketlist for cats. Not only does it have 2 caged areas in the backyard that have a climbing post, real plants and trees, but there's also an aquarium, play areas and a full attentive staff that is just as cat crazy as we are. The only downside is I wish there was a place like that for us!

Big Blu has been under the supervision of myself or close friends for nearly 12 years without ever being kenneled so I think both of us had a bit of separation anxiety. However, when entering the building and down a set of stairs you instantly feel like you've been transported into a cat sanctuary-or really high end home security, because there is no chance your buddy is ever escaping this place.

Just to give you peace of mind, they also take pictures of the daily activities and post them on their blog nightly. For halloween they even dressed him up! He's Peter Pan here and in case you're wondering those terrified eyes are just his normal expression.


The biggest concern of most cat owners, I believe, is "will they be comfortable in a tiny "condo" box when they're use to running freely in a tiny boxed apartment?" The answer is, Yes! First of all, just look at how comfy that bed is. Secondly, sure, their home for the week is small but haven't you ever noticed when they're scared the first place they run to is somewhere just small enough that you can't reach them?


The hardest part is just walking away as they look at you with those 'why have you abandoned me' eyes but have faith that they're about to experience the best care and fun filled week they've ever had and they'll be ready for belly rubs when you get back.


(Images taken from PetCamp)