Did Paul Krugman intentionally use this photo of the OBL raid with a little friend added in? Or did he just quickly google the photo without noticing he was using a doctored version?

The subject matter would suggest that it was an accident—it’s just a brief post on Krugman’s New York Times blog commenting on how the fear of terrorist attacks affect the public’s rating of politicians. There’s nothing coy about it. And yet, look at the cute kitty!

I suspect that Krugman did know what he was doing (or, perhaps more realistically, Krugman’s assistant or... ?). It’s not a substantial article or anything, it’s just a brief comment. Most of his blog posts don’t even have an image. Yet there are few among us who can resist the urge to slip a cat jpeg into fairly serious contexts for a moment of levity. Nobel Prize winners: they’re just like us!


via Buzzfeed.

Update [2-8-2016]: Krugman recently tweeted a photo of himself wearing a t-shirt depicting Grumpy Cat as Donald Trump, further supporting the notion that he’s a silly willy who enjoys internet cat memes: