Kittens' DJ Accolades Questionable

To be honest, I'm not sure these kittens know the slightest thing about DJing. They probably brag about having their own turn table at home and then they just show up to a party and put an iPod with a playlist on shuffle and call that their job. Yeah right, kittens, you're "DJs" because you connected a speaker to your phone at your cousin's wedding ONE time because Darlene spilled champagne on the ACTUAL DJ's gear. Geez.

DJ Kittens Are Here to Bring a Little Music Into Your Life

Wanna know what talent is? Talent is a trio of orange kittens dropping mad beats. Rhythm? They're too edgy for that, man. This is the freshest shit out there. DJ kittens > DJ babies.

The video, which entirely compensates for the fact that it is only Tuesday, comes to us via UpRoxx. I hear these guys are great at weddings. Better book 'em for your next event today, before they record a track with Pharrell and become impossible to catch anywhere but sold-out music festivals across America.