all cats all the time~
all cats all the time~
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Deformed Cat Pens Book with Whoopi Endorsement

Lil Bub, the beloved dwarf cat with a face that looks like a gleeful jackolantern left to sit on the porch in November, has written her first book. It's a collection of photos and captions.


It is easy to write a first book, but writing a second book is how to prove yourself. How many authors have lived in the shadow of their first success, only to be dragged down by the pressure of filling the page with something, anything, simply to demonstrate that luck did not strike once and move on to another's pen, ever so cruely?

But lo, Lil Bub has a quote from Whoopi Goldberg on the book jacket, and we can thus rest easy in the faith of Whoopi that this is simply the beginning of Lil Bub's long and illustrious career as a writer and model. Before we know it, Bub will be using an om nom nom de plume to write without the pressure of celebrity.


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