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Cats is a Flat Circle

The Cats Kinja Editorial Board of Directors

Dear, no denying it, cats dot kinja traffic has stalled, like truck up a hill. WHere’s the trock going? Our competitiers suffer same problems, With FACEBOOK, turning down the “nozzel” of traffic, like so many trucks stuck in a jam, but in this case there are not ENOUGH trucks going from Facebook, to the web sites, as if the trucks were carrying readers in this scenario to the websites (it’s a metaphor). Who is to blame when these trucks are jammed with no readers on the road? Self DRIVING? maybe we are the ones on “auto pilot” and need to call the Uber to get us there.


Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, Apps, these platforms are themself the content. Whyride the truck to blog town? Consider the humble reports from journalists. HARD work. GOOD truth. Fact BLOGS. Cyber drone sex on Ashley Masidon. LEAK. The NFL! Winning! Forget about it. You think Cats can keep up the pace? We have bathroom cats, spider cats, this guy? uncovered scandals, other bathroom cats, this might be a bathroom too who knows.

Stay thirsty my friends... - Ernest Hemmingway

Show the neko, blog the moggy, these are words for cats you haven’t even heard.How so? Can we too? It’s true, what inspired this memo was you. Investigations. Hard hitting. All sorts of things. DAN RATHER? That is why it’s time to get on Slack in the morning. Have a cup of coffee... do a morning poop before you come to the office!! Let’s do it.

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