all cats all the time~
all cats all the time~
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Cats Dot Kinja is Pivoting to Video

As is the case, often with youth and journalism, it we find that writing longform has no appeall to audience below the age. Little children can barely read at all, iodots. Most people! As such, here at cats we will be pivot away from tranditional reporting to place all our efforts and resource. On video. Short, sharable bites that in sharing autoplay with the metrics, all things considered. The appeal of video has been noticed, with traffic to main stream down upwards of many percent, despite thorugh written descriptions of cats (fur, claws, sitting). As such, we appreciate the team who was hired and now, we say goodbye but. They always land on their feet.


Fake news, but video is real because you can see it. Empowerment. Diversity? Could do. Nothing is “purrfect” but better fit inline with the mission of cat is “emphahiss” on it. The landscape online, “meowving pictures”, as such, big changes and little changes. Lifestyle brands, advertisers, etc, as many have said. A picture worth thousand words. 30 frames per second. Do! the math. Watch this space—literally.  

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