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Cats 2015

As part of our end-of-year process, all Garker Media sites were asked to submit planning memos for the next year. In the interests of transparency, here's mine.


In my conversations with Nick* we've decided that the main goal for Cats 2015 should be to maintain the momentum we've built based on our coverage: fuzzy bellies that look like they would be fun to rub, passive aggressive glances that seem to say "I will eat your food and snuggle with you but don't mistake this for love when it's actually the result of long-term symbiotic relationship that infantilized us while never really domesticating us," good story sense, and most importantly pictures of cats.


These pictures of cats allow us to take risks and gives the site the kind of energy and—for lack of a better word—majorly rad catitude that it should have. We've done a good job of working through the insecurities and second-guesses that have made us hesitate, hold back, or otherwise fail to post pictures of cats at various times this year; the next step is to work that confidence, adventurousness, and energy into a coherent vision of the site and the cat world.

In that spirit, below is a broad outline for how I'd like to direct and structure the site next year.

1. What is Cat?

I've already addressed this age-old question.


2. How DO Cat?

It's an intimidating prospect for anyone but sometimes I post pictures of cats on this blog, which is called Cats, and is mainly pictures of cats. Sometimes I post really stupid things about cats. Sometimes it's intentionally written to frustrate or confuse the reader because the world is a frustrating and confusing place. The main thing is that it's pictures of cats.


3. Where Can I Buy a Cat?

You can often find cats at your local bodega, but they might fight back when you try to purchase them.


4. WHO Am Cat?

Sorry I already lost interest in writing this post; I'm stuck at SFO because my flights delayed and I'm just killing time. Which is also often the purpose of cats dot kinja dot com.



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