all cats all the time~
all cats all the time~

A Note From Your Editor

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You may heard pray tell Zip Davies has the cash in hand to buy out the joint, chapter 11 of the book has been reached, and it’s true. But is that the last chapter? No, eleven is not even a big number to be honest here, and I want to be honest and direct, with you, the reader. Through thick and thin. The mission as we are doing here on cats dot kinja continues, unabated and undebatable in the pursuit of excellence, unabated. “Purrsuit” you might say, be we would not because we are that much better than average “pun for clicks” blog. We will continue to publish hard truth, big fish only more than ever, brave, run with the “big dogs”, up and against the institution when it true and interesting, hard boiled through the ringer right here on kinja dot com and maybe medium bc we have options, but here especially.


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