My God, It's Full Of Cats! The Very Best Artwork Of Cats In Space

Space is the greatest mystery, and our ultimate challenge as a species. Cats, meanwhile, are our close allies and companions, who nevertheless remain a great cosmic mystery. Mash the two up, and you have endless fascination. Here's our favorite artwork showing cats... in space! » 12/31/14 4:03pm 12/31/14 4:03pm

Cat to Musician: No One Cares About Your Stupid Ukulele Solo

If there's one thing that ruins a beautiful YouTube performance of a ukulele song about being frightened of "dentists and the dark." It's a music-hating cat who's not at all interested in your soulful crooning and enthusiastic strumming. Fuck you, thinks the cat. And fuck your love of music. » 10/16/14 11:40pm 10/16/14 11:40pm

We Asked Vets: What's Wrong with Taylor Swift's Catatonic Cat?

Taylor Swift debuted her new kitten, a Scottish Fold named Olivia Benson, back in June. Ever since, she's been spotted carrying the cat (without a leash or carrier) wherever she goes, including the busy streets of New York City and, as of yesterday, on airplane tarmacs. The cat, it must be said, seems totally cool… » 9/26/14 5:48pm 9/26/14 5:48pm