Adorable Kittens Meowing Will Lift Every One of Your Spirits

Is there anything cuter than a kitten? How about a kitten talking? If you're feeling lonely (or even a tiny bit sad), these kittens will meow you right out of those doldrums. Listen to them talk and your spirits will soar all the way to the Heaviside Layer! That's right, that's a CATS reference. No, you keep it. You… » 9/03/14 9:36pm 9/03/14 9:36pm

Take A Mental Health Break and Meet Some Bodega Cats

All the best people in the world love cats. But even the most fervent cat lover admits that they are, as a rule, useless. A cat with a clear job in life is a rare and wonderful thing. Hence our collective love of the bodega cat, whose lives are documented for us by the kind people at WNYC today. » 8/08/14 10:39am 8/08/14 10:39am

These Kittens Are Perfectly Content Being Stuck in a Boot

Alright, people don't get me wrong here. I'm all about that #TeamGoat (or #TeamSeal), but an adorable kitty video is an adorable kitty video, and I must respect that. Kitties! What are ya doing in that boot!? Who put you there? Were they aiming for an awful "Puss in Boots" pun? Because they succeeded. » 7/06/14 3:44pm 7/06/14 3:44pm