How To Get A Chill Cat

So you’ve decided to get a pet. Maybe you’re hankering for some furry companionship to perk up the lonesome evenings. Perhaps you’re attempting to plug an emotional gap in your life by saving some of god’s non-edible creatures. Or maybe you just want to strike back at those people clogging up your Instagram feed with… » 4/02/15 7:06pm 4/02/15 7:06pm

My God, It's Full Of Cats! The Very Best Artwork Of Cats In Space

Space is the greatest mystery, and our ultimate challenge as a species. Cats, meanwhile, are our close allies and companions, who nevertheless remain a great cosmic mystery. Mash the two up, and you have endless fascination. Here's our favorite artwork showing cats... in space! » 12/31/14 4:03pm 12/31/14 4:03pm