Cats is a Flat Circle

Dear, no denying it, cats dot kinja traffic has stalled, like truck up a hill. WHere’s the trock going? Our competitiers suffer same problems, With FACEBOOK, turning down the “nozzel” of traffic, like so many trucks stuck in a jam, but in this case there are not ENOUGH trucks going from Facebook, to the web sites, as… »10/16/15 12:03am10/16/15 12:03am

Watch the World's Tiniest Lion Fail Spectacularly at Roaring

I hope there’s a live-action Lion King coming, because we’ve just found the perfect Young Simba (older Simba, of course, will be played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas emerging from his semi-retirement). This lion cub probably wouldn’t want anyone to be cooing over how precious he is—he’s a wild ferocious creature!—but… »9/24/15 6:44pm9/24/15 6:44pm