These Kittens Are Perfectly Content Being Stuck in a Boot

Alright, people don't get me wrong here. I'm all about that #TeamGoat (or #TeamSeal), but an adorable kitty video is an adorable kitty video, and I must respect that. Kitties! What are ya doing in that boot!? Who put you there? Were they aiming for an awful "Puss in Boots" pun? Because they succeeded. » 7/06/14 3:44pm 7/06/14 3:44pm

Cat People are More Intelligent than Dog People

In what is surely the most important and crucial scientific discovery of the 21st century (Higgs boson? MORE LIKE HIGGS BOZO LOL), new research has indicated that there is a pretty strong difference in personality between dog-lovers and cat-lovers. Namely, that cat people in general boast a higher intelligence than… » 5/31/14 1:06pm 5/31/14 1:06pm