FAKE Laptop Try and make cats into CAN'TS But cats Remain Vigilant, Know What's Up When Choosing Blogging Hard Ware

Hey so there’s laptop computer going around the internet on the blogs like it’s just a computer for cats right but actually it’s not even a computer it’s a Typical use of distractions from people who try to silence the voice of notable cats trying to voice opinions through blogging, typing, social media, Online,… »8/12/15 4:50pm8/12/15 4:50pm

Cats Kinja Continuing Mish of INTEGRTIES Journalismwise

Tammy Craggles, Maximum Read, for SURe good bloggers, but sometimes some1 puts a DENT in your plans... COMPLICATED journalismic issues to be played out FOUR SURE! REst assured, dear reader, Cats KINJA is epimotie of independent journalism and Cats KINJA dotcom answers to no advertiser bc no readers acually lol!! ReST… »7/23/15 12:51am7/23/15 12:51am